July 15, 2024

Opportunity Knocks the Door : Falah-e-Darain school needs your assistance – 12-04-2014

As salaamu alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu.

Falah-e-Darain Urdu School at Awadh Nagar Boisar is in need of financial assistance for managing the Structural requirements of the School. The school has 180 students belonging to poor families who are not even able to pay Rs 200/- as monthly fees for students. I have attached the pics of the school taken few days back.

Please find the details of their current requirement and donate generously for the cause. You may also transfer the INTEREST amount which you might have received on 31st Mar 2014 for this cause. INTEREST amount spoils our wealth so it is best to give it to the needy without expecting reward for it. I have confirmed with the Aalim and we can use our INTEREST amount in this cause.

Plaster : Rs 60,000/-

Balance fees of 23 students : Rs 27,850/-

Cupboard (Books) : 6,000/-

Science Lab : 9,000/-

Total Amount Required is Rs 1,02,850/-(One Lakh, Two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty Only)

Some important details about School and how it is managed by authorities.

Falah-e-Darain school provides education in English, Hindi, Marathi & Urdu language from Std I to Std 8th.

Monthly fees of students is Rs 200/-.

Monthly Salary of Teachers/Professors is Rs 3000/-

Admission fees & Other fees ranging from Rs 100/- to Rs 300/- is often waived because of extreme poverty of students families.

Mid Day meal is provided to students by ISKON

Salary of 2 teachers is assisted by a Trust in Thane.

Note : Even contribution of Rs 100/- goes a long way in helping the needy

I request our brothers and sisters to come forward and help the students in need. This work is done for the sake of Allah alone and we expect reward only from Allah In sha Allah.

You may transfer your contribution in bank account given below

Name: Asif Dange

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd.

Account No.: 02281540114869

Account Type: Savings

IFSC Code: HDFC0000228


Note : Once you have transferred the amount kindly let me know by a separate email.

Remember me in your precious duas.